Anonymous Telegram chats – what are they?

Anonymity and link free kredit e-wallet is sometimes a very important advantage of the Internet, and therefore it is important to know how to create anonymous chats, which are used in Telegram. It is worth stating that there is no such function in the messenger itself – in order to create a conversation, you must first connect a bot with the appropriate functionality.

Bots for creating conversations with casual users
Among the most popular chatbots, thanks to which you can make an anonymous conversation in Telegram, include:

Anonymous chat bot @yetanotherbot, which allows you to choose any other nickname instead of your real username;
Incognito bot @safechat_bot;
Bot Anonymous @BotBoobot, which allows you to send messages without revealing your identity in conversations;
Chat Incognito bot @chatincognitobot.
Essentially, in order to create an anonymous chat in the Telegram app, a person must trust the bot. The bot that will be discussed in the article is @chatincognitobot.

Creating a conversation with random people using @chatincognitobot as an example
In order to create a conversation with unknown random people using this bot, you need to apply the following algorithm:

Start messenger.
Next, to create an anonymous chat in Telegram used for communication, you need to click on the “Chat” icon in the bottom menu.
In the window that opens (field “Search for messages”), enter the nickname of the bot (@chatincognitobot). If on a PC, this window will be in the upper left corner.
Press “Begin” button.
Select language.
Enter the command “New conversation”. An anonymous chat in Telegram with a random person will start.
Insert the message into the appropriate field, press the “Arrow” icon to send it.

The person can stop the conversation at any time. To do this, you need to click on the function “Quit chat” (command /Leavechat).

In addition, you can start a new anonymous chat with another random Telegram user. This requires entering the command /next chat. This, however, may also do the interlocutor, which will be notified.

But that is not all. Users who want to create an anonymous chat in Telegram will be interested to know how you can set a filter to search for a certain category of people. To do this, enter the /Setup command. In the menu that opens, the user enters his date of birth and selects the age category he is interested in.

For those who want to find an interlocutor who will be nearby, there is an option “Location”. Judging by the reviews, this anonymous Telegram chat is especially popular with users.