How to keep sales in the low season

When your phone, social. networks and instant messengers cease to heat up from the number of requests, the question arises of how to stay afloat and what to do with the team. We can offer a few ideas.

First, it is very important to know your ups and downs in order to prepare your dubai satta king. We have provided a detailed example of how this can be done here. Knowing these months, one should “accumulate fat” in order to survive periods of falling demand painlessly. Many entrepreneurs are dizzy about the success of high sales during a period of high demand and they make common mistakes: expand the staff, upgrade equipment, renovate the office or move to a new one. After often comes a bitter retribution for rash steps. Therefore, we plan and save.

A good way to neutralize seasonal bursts is diversification, that is, expanding the range. For example, sellers of sleds and cheesecakes switch to bicycles and scooters in the summer. A highly specialized business may establish you as a professional in a particular field, but promises to live in leaps and bounds from season to season.

To support sales in the low season, you can run promotions and special offers. The offer can be anything – a month of work as a gift when concluding an annual contract, 3 for the price of 2, just a discount on some items. The main thing is that the action solves exactly your problem: it provides an influx of operating funds, eliminates inventory, and so on.

Seasonal employees
If you have a need for low skilled labor – assembly, delivery – it makes sense to hire additional staff for the “hot” time instead of supporting such workers all year round. This strategy does not work for everyone. For example, we cannot do this. Our team members go through a long period of training and mentoring before they start working independently with clients.

A variation of the previous strategy is outsourcing, that is, the transfer of part of the work for seasonal services to professionals: courier service, call center, smm agencies, and so on.