Telegram has been updated: “unlimited” groups with voice chats and auto-deletion of messages

Telegram has been updated since February 23, as reported on its blog. Now you can create groups with an unlimited number of members, enable a timer to delete messages in chats, and some other innovations.

Before the update

, the group chats of the messenger could have no more than 200 thousand participants; now, when the limit is approached, the group can be converted to the type “for broadcasts”. Communication will be exclusively voice, only group administrators will be able to write messages, publish news and insiders.

Also in Telegram, it became possible to create temporary links for inviting to groups and channels (in addition to the main ones). You can limit the duration of the invitation and the number of joins for the link. The invitation can be issued in the form of a QR code.

Another useful innovation is the automatic deletion of messages in chats. The timer can be set for 24 hours or seven days, in groups the option is available only to administrators. Please note that the countdown will start immediately after the message is sent, and not from the moment it was read by the recipient.