Yandex.Mail 360 has launched a Telegram bot for sending messages from the messenger

The Yandex.Mail 360 team launched a chat bot for sending important messages from the Telegram messenger to Mail. It allows you to send the necessary information in one click, told in Yandex.Mail 360.

“Sometimes communication in chats continues until late at night, people do not have time to respond to all messages, and then it is difficult to find the ones they need in the correspondence. The chatbot helps you not to lose important messages and respond to them when it is convenient, ”the company explains.

The mail chatbot is named @ YandexMail360_bot. To get started with it, you need to bind an email address. Then you can send messages to the bot, which it will redirect to the specified mailbox.

The company also announced that now the set of services “Yandex.Mail 360” has become available in the mobile applications “Mail” and “Disk”.

Mobile Mail 360 includes Mail, Disk, Calendar, Teleconference, and Notes that you can switch between. The main features of the service are free. At the same time, mobile “Mail 360” is fully synchronized with the desktop version, so the data saved in it will be available on the computer as well.

The mobile version of Yandex.Mail 360 works on iOS and Android devices. According to the company, so far it is only available to a subset of users, but will soon be available for everyone.